Today on Hearts of Iron 4 I try the new Star Wars mod – Palpatines Gamble. It’s very hard to make a mod like this work for HOI4 but this might be my favorite new mod of 2021 so far.



Alex the Rambler produces videos on a variety of Strategy games while dabbling in other things from time to time. Expect extremely incompetent gameplay!
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  1. יובל נגבי

    Alex tge rambler: "they are just clone, they are expandable"
    Me, a star wars fan: "not to me"

  2. Joseph von Dragunov

    This mod look actually great for an Alpha. I shall follow the development with great interest.

  3. Elijah R

    How did you manage to start the war against the CIS early? It was supposed to start when you did the battle of Geonosis.

  4. daniel anderson234

    when we getting a lord of the rings convesion mod playthrough?

  5. Arische Setmses

    If they made a Star Wars mod for this, then it stands to reason that they will add additional mods for this to add things like the Old Republic and other eras of the Star Wars mythos.

  6. Joel Shaffer

    "I don't want to mislead the galaxy or anything"
    – Chancellor and Secret Sith Lord Palpatine

  7. Demonic_myst

    Naval takes forever for ke like i patrol an area and i have 100 more ships than them and some hoe i only get 25% naval supremecy so i cant invade

  8. Waldemar

    It would be cool if the Star Wars IP had a new RTS, 4X or grand strategy game.

  9. Mr.President

    Playing the Star Wars mod but humming the superman theme at minute 18 10/10

  10. Император Арсений

    We all know that they made this mod only to play the Senate.

  11. Alexander Martin-Turner

    Looks like a really interesting mod, thanks for showcasing it

  12. Natedynasty 13

    Can we get more of this please it looks cool and is quite interesting

  13. haden montgomery

    Would love to see a second playthrough for the CIS only the chunk can bring the glory of the Confederacy back.