Indians vs. Angels full game highlights from 5/18/21

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  1. Austin Miller

    It is about time the Indians end their losing streak now lets continue to win and keep pace with the white sox

  2. Ryhane Johnson

    I was watching this game the other night and it was good 😍✨💙🖤

  3. Sean Reynolds

    Most occasionally the frequency of ball players is the most prominent and describable almost imitate a bowl at a mini school scale you guys are done

  4. Yakuza Ohtani

    Those umps really were cheating for Cleveland, these umps really want to be replaced by robots huh?

  5. Gcool243

    If the angels get like two decent pitchers they’re gonna be dangerous

  6. K T 95

    Not an Angels fan but being from jersey I’m a big fan of Trout but man Othani makes it hard not to be impressed, makes you wanna watch what he’s gonna do next pitching or hitting wise 💪🏾

  7. rhtman01

    Looks like if Angels pitching cud hold any team to 4 runs they will win. Problem is they don't do that a lot. Trout is out! But Shohei is not. Let's get a win tonight!👊🌞❤ Go Halos!

  8. on porpuse

    Heaney on slump rn so is dylan. If our best pitcher is ohtani. This will not work out we need a clear ace on that pitching staff

  9. 悠々彼方

    Since losing is the default for the Angels, I no longer feel anything when they lose. And when they win, I feel like I'm seeing a miracle.

  10. Fuyujizo film